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Siblings of FW R030 Z020
Only female siblings of the dam are listed
Ear TagNameSireDamSexBirth DateColorPicture
2C180LDR Hot Rocks FW RIMROCK T030FW REFLECTION R030Male2015-06-14Imperial Trim
2D185LDR Mirage FW RIMROCK T030FW REFLECTION R030Female2016-05-27Imperial Black
2F109LDR MIRA 2F109FW RIMROCK T030FW REFLECTION R030FEMALE1970-01-01Imperial Black
R133HHF DayaDJB Mr. BullDELY Bulah's PrideBull2008-05-04Native Black
Y035FW Y035LDR Choteau N109FW REFLECTION R030Female2011-06-22Native Black Trim
Z020FW R030 Z020DJB Mr. BullFW REFLECTION R030Female2012-07-11Native Black
Z028LDR Monster MashDJB Mr. BullLDR Cub Cadet R036Male2012-03-31Native Black
Z034GLR BuckhornDJB Mr. BullFW No. 9 R039Male2012-04-26Imperial